Beautiful Inner Interior Courtyards Layout Design

Published on June 7, 2012 - Posted in Garden, Interior Design.

One function of the inner courtyard is the air conditioning in the house. Inner courtyard serves to make building so much “thinner”. The building seemed to be split down the middle, given the distance between one room and other rooms. The more “thin” the building, said Emil, who needed more energy efficient. With slim dimensions, the air entering the house come out sooner.

to design the inner courtyard, the main thing to consider is the extent. To house a limited extent, the model is more suitable dry garden. To bring the coolness, the park could be equipped with a fountain attached to the wall.

While the house has a land area of ​​more free to choose creations. Of making the pool, or garden with bale-bale in the middle.

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Here are some indoor and landscape design garden courtyard that we collected from several sources that may provide inspiration for those of you who are planning to rearrange or create a garden in your home. Some designs apply a natural and some are incorporating modern elements into the design. tercitra also architectural details of the acquisition of materials and materials used.[via]

contemporary home courtyards lounge with a unique wall

modern courtyards with beautiful pool

courtyards modern design with interior garden

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Photo Gallery of Beautiful Inner Interior Courtyards Layout Design

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